Lady Karen's Balancing Touch is a mobil massage business, where it is believed, when you get a massage:

  "It's ALL about YOU!"

   Getting  massage on a regular basis is preventive maintance for body. When you receive massage you are also taking time for you.   So start thinking about you, and your needs to make sure that you are taken care of.  FYI:  According to agelesssectrets.com George Burns and Bob Hope recieved  massage everyday.

 There are many types of massages.  I have had training in Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Side - Lying, and Energy Work.   I have table and Will travel to Your home, office, hotel, and (if privately owned) beaches as well.  I bring the music and sheets all you have to do is just RELAX.

No Non-sense, just relaxing massage that is tailored to each Individual person. I use many modalities to give just the right pressure, to add ROM and/ or stretching to the massage. So whether you work behind a desk or have the average active lifestyle I tailor the massage to benefit Your needs. 


 Live a Relaxing Life

  Get a massage!


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